Gardis White*

Article number: 30101


Gardis White scores on many levels.

In production, it impresses with its uniform and great branching growth. The rich branching with many quite uniformly long shoots for uniformly bushy plants, advantageous in cultivation. In the picture from the greenhouse you can see Gardis White on the right compared to another variety.

As the vigour is distributed over many shoots, the plants are much shorter when ready for marketing, which makes work and transport easier.

And finally, the bushy growth is also a joy on the terrace or in the garden and Gardis White flowers very richly, even in the past two very hot summers.

  • Color:white
  • Leafcolor:green
  • Earliness:early
  • Earliness:medium
  • Growth habit:upright
  • Growth vigor:medium
  • blossom shape:single flowered
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