Product forms

The demands of the genera are diverse, the conditions in each nursery different. One product form cannot possibly fulfil them.

Perhaps you start with cuttings, order certain genera as young plants and fill up the first free greenhouses for a late batch with Eco-XXL young plants? Our representatives will be happy to advise you, our sales team in Thiendorf will also be happy to support you!

Unrooted cuttings

Unrooted cuttings are supplied from our stock plant nurseries in Kenya and Portugal as well as from our mother plants in Thiendorf near Dresden/ Germany.

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Urooted cuttings

Unrooted cuttings are a suitable starting product for all nurseries that produce larger units per week. From our mother plant farms in Kenya and Portugal we supply you with healthy cuttings of a wide range of genera.

  • We deliver from a minimum order quantity of 5,000 pieces/delivery and 100 pieces per variety.
  • We need the order no later than 14 days before the desired delivery week.


  • Lieferung außerhalb Deutschland CIP Flughafen, innerhalb Deutschlands direkt an die angegebene Lieferanschrift.


  • For a smooth handling we need the following documents and information: Delivery and billing address (email, phone, fax), broker/agent at the airport including contact details, desired airport as well as for delivery outside the EU an import permit for origin Portugal, Kenya and Germany. For the payment of the import sales tax (VAT) you as a customer assign an import agent.


  • Cuttings are transported to you by the fastest way possible! If delivery delays occur, they must be reported to us within 24 hours and resulting quality problems no later than 10 days after arrival by sending photos and cuttings label. We ask for the use of the enclosed variety labels, on which important proofs of origin are listed.


Rooted young plants

Rooted young plants of various ornamental plants, but also of herbs and ground covering plants, we produce in our young plant nursery in Thiendorf.

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Young plants

We produce seedlings of a large number of bedding and balcony plants, herbs, ground covers and poinsettia in various pot sizes, depending on the requirements of the crops.

  • Minimum order quantity is 104 pieces per variety or 84 pieces for the Big-Pot 84.
  • The trays are machine-processable


Jungpflanze im B+B-Pot

  • bewurzelte Jungpflanze zu 104 Stück je Sorte, ein CC fasst 7280 Stück.
  • Diese Größe nutzen wir für kleinblättrige Kulturen, die sehr engen Stand auch auf dem Transport gut vertragen
  • verschiedene Gattungen bieten wir für Ihren Kulturerfolg ausschließlich als doppelt gesteckte Jungplfanzen an, andere Gattungen, z.B. Thymus und Rosmarinus werden gestutzt geliefert.


Young plants in Profi-Pot

  • rooted young plant of 104 pieces per variety, one CC holds 7280 pieces.
  • We use this size for small-leaved cultures, which tolerate very narrow stand well even during transport.
  • We offer various genera exclusively as double-rooted seedlings for your cultivation success, other genera, e.g. Thymus and Rosmarinus are delivered pinched.


Young plants in Big-Pot 84

  • rooted seedling of 84 pieces per variety, one CC holds 3696 pieces.
  • In this culture pot we produce Begonia


Mixes and Trios in Kombi-Pot 100

  • rooted young plants with 50 pieces per Tray, the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces per item.
  • The young plants are put together in the course of cultivation and provide very good conditions for the production of trios, without the need for extra effort in potting.
  • These plates are not machine-processable.


  • For information on prices and specific delivery requests, please contact our area representatives. Our sales staff will also be happy to submit offers in response to your inquiries.
  • We kindly ask you to consider the minimum purchase quantities and packaging units. If you insist on short quantities, the unit price will increase by 100%.


ECO-XXL-Young plants

ECO-XXL-young plants for an efficient and fast crop.

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ECO-XXL-Young plants

Eco-XXL young plants are particularly sturdy plants that come to you cultivated for at least 7 weeks and pinched. Whether as a late batch or as a stronger product that can be produced cooler, this product saves you time and energy.

With less freight per plant, we have an efficient alternative to semi-finished plants here.


  • 50 pieces per variety, pinched, one CC holds 2200 plants
  • delivery weeks 7 to 17
  • Please send your order at least 10 weeks before delivery

Available with following crops:

Semi finished plants

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Halbfertigwaren können eine sinnvolle Ergänzung Ihrer Produktion darstellen, indem Sie beispielsweise späte Sätze auf geräumten Flächen weiter kultivieren können oder auch Gattungen, deren Kultur zu Beginn wärmeintensiver ist, bereits als etablierte Töpfe zukaufen.

Die Bestellung von Halbfertigwaren nach Sorten ist nur bis 1. Dezember möglich, danach können wir Ihnen Lieferung im Sortiment anbieten.


Produkt Topf-
Stück je CC Lieferzeitraum Bemerkungen
Little Lady®   9 cm 576 KW 9-16
Halbfertigware: KW 15-16
bedruckter Topf
Mindestabnahme 72 Stück/Sorte, sonst in Sorten unserer Wahl
Pelargonium-Zonale- und Peltatum-Sorten in Farben
12 cm 384 KW 9-14 Rohware / mindestens 6 Wochen alt,
Mindestabnahme 48 Stück/Sorte, oder in Sorten unserer Wahl
Ville und Decora von doppelt gesteckten Jungpflanzen.
  336 KW 15-16  
Pelargonium-Grandiflorum-Hybriden Aristo®/ Candy Flowers®/ Bermuda®
12 cm 384 KW 4-14 fertig gekühlt, für sichere  Blüte, Bestellung bis September
Mindestabnahme 48 Stück/Sorte, oder in Sorten unserer Wahl
Dianthus 12 cm 384 KW 4-16 Rohware – getopft im Vorjahr,
Bestellung bis September
Mindestabnahme 48 Stück/Sorte, oder in Sorten unserer Wahl
Beet- und Balkon
außer Alternanthera, Asteriscus, Begonien, Dahlia, Heliotropium, Ipomoea, Lantana, Mecardonia, Thunbergia
12 cm 384 KW 9-14 Rohware – mindestens 6 Wochen alt,
Mindestabnahme 48 Stück/Sorte, oder in Sorten unserer Wahl
  336 KW 15-16  
Pyramiden von Sorten der Antik-Serie 21 cm 36 KW 2-14 3 Pflanzen/Topf, mit Gestell aus Bambusstäben, Auftragsannahme bis Woche 42