Stevia rebaudiana

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Sweetweed, as Stevia rebaudiana is also called, comes from Paraguay, is not hardy in our latitudes, grows herbaceous and grows up to 80 cm high. It needs a sunny, warm and light-protected location for optimal growth and regular, but not too strong irrigation. Stevia rebaudiana is a short-day plant, the small white flowers appear mostly in September.

The herb owes its popularity to the strong sweetening power of the steviosides and other glycosides contained in the leaf, which has been used in the subtropical home of the plant for centuries and has been known in Europe for over 100 years. After also dispel doubts about the wholesomness of the sweet herb it now can be used without hesitation for sweetening food and drinks, since it has stronger potency, but in contrast to the sugar no health disadvantages.

Some steviosides have a slightly bitter aftertaste, which does not taste pleasant in all foods, and in recipes, in which sugar is needed in volume, Stevia rebaudiana is not suitable as a substitute. Despite these small restrictions, the herb is very versatile and a very good and delicious addition to the kitchen.

  • Color:
  • Growth habit:upright
  • Growth vigor:medium
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