Unrooted Cuttings

  • Minimum order quantity: 10,000 cuttings/delivery.
  • Orders to be sent 10 days before the desired delivery day/week at the latest.
  • Deliveries to foreign countries: CIP airport; deliveries inside Germany: directly to the customer.
  • Documents and information required for a smooth order handling:
  • Delivery and billing address (e-mail, telephone, fax), broker/agent at airport including contact data, desired airport
  • Import permit for products of Israeli and German origin
  • Please read the variety labels sent with the products; they contain important information on their origin.
  • Please inform us within 24 hours of any delays in delivery, and 10 days after receipt of the products at the latest of any resultant quality-related problems (remember to send photos and the plant label).
  • The import turnover tax (VAT) shall be paid by the agent authorised by the customer.
  • Delivery of unrooted cuttings according to the general sales and delivery terms and conditions: see the main catalogue.

Rooted Cuttings

  • Information on prices and on specific supply inquiries, please contact our designated agent. Pleased to submit to you our sales staff offers to your inquiries.
  • Please see our terms for minimum order quantities! We ask you to consider the minimum order quantities and packaging. If you insist on lower volumes, the unit price increased by 100 %.


Save energy, time and space! Use our extra strong rooted cuttings of the bed and balcony assortment!

Available ECO-XXL cultivars:

Minimum Purchase: 80 pcs per variaty, pinched plants, 40 pcs per board, 55mm Ellegaard.
Scheduled Delivery Date: Calendar weeks 10-14



Minimum Purchase: 3 x 20mm Ellegaard, 100 pcs per varriaty per box
Scheduled Delivery Date: Calendar weeks 48/2012 - 14/2013

Half Finished Plants

Order of half finish plants in species until 1st December, thereafter delivery in assortment